Junkers is a leading company in hot water production and heating systems aimed at both the professional sector and end users.
It is integrated into internationally renowned companies such as Robert Bosch GmbH, one of the largest German industrial companies. Founded in 1895, and with more than 100 years’ experience in the market, the company boasts an excellent worldwide reputation owing to its innovation and high quality end products.


  • Public professional: acquisition and retention of professionals within the sector.
  • Final consumer: user uptake and promotion of equipment, systems and Junkers maintenance services.


  • Attract new clients through the digital ecosystem and retain existing clients.
  • Improve the organic positioning of the brand and its products.
  • Maximize branding within specialized media.
  • Positioning of the the new ErP products catalogue.
  • Strengthen the company’s corporate social responsibilities.
  • Increase the hiring of maintenance and warranty services.


To capture qualified traffic that increases online brand visibility as well as increasing recruitment possibilities. This is done through:

  • SEO optimization on the ecosystem page, especially in product receipts.
  • SEM campaigns to display and search for Junkers niche markets.
  • Creation of valuable content and the launching a professional blog.
  • Email marketing campaigns for professionals and end users.
  • Publication of microsites for products and services.
  • Launching of special campaigns reinforced with informative graphs and promotional materials.
  • Monitoring of the brands social conversations.

A major challenge was to generate a climate of trust among users. This required an increase in community relationships with Junkers and their products through specialized content to establish relationships in professional and domestic channels, from the end user, to the installers and wholesalers.
On top of this, the increase of the conversion rate was defined from an improvement in the experience of the end user thanks to the usability and interactivity of online media.


  • Increased brand and image awareness and image from its own ecosystem and external media authorities.
  • An average increase of 30% in all social communities with nearly 700,000 people reached.
  • Growth of 20% in the relevant keywords of energy efficiency, heating, hot water and renewable energy.
  • Around one million visits to all media including gaining 8,300 potential clients.
  • Increase of more than 5000% in received forms for installers, SAT, maintenance, suggestions, high professional and warranty registrations.


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