Choví is the industry leader in Spain for the production of sauces and dips and boasts a huge national and international presence. Their expansion plan, which was implemented over the last few years, has allowed them to achieve stable exports to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Choví has constructed a business model based on innovation and the development of new products and packaging for catering and distribution. The company currently offers a wide range of products which are specialized for home consumption and for use in professional sectors.


Choví’s branding strategy is focused on 3 buyer personas:

  • Forty year old married women with children who combine a part time job with housework and family commitments. They reside in suburban areas of the city and have medium to low purchasing power. They are always looking for savings, so they are very price sensitive and are typically interested in discounts.
  • Young couples around 30 years old without children. They live together and they love to go out with friends and travel. They have a medium to low income and spend a lot of time online. They like to cook new dishes to share with their partner or with friends. They choose Chovi to save time, improve the taste of their dishes and to try new flavors.
  • Single university students around 20 years old who share an apartment with other students and often return to their parents’ home for the weekend. They love technology and are very active in the major online social networks. They prefer precooked or easy to prepare food and choose Chovi to enhance the flavors of their preferred dishes.


  • To increase brand visibility and awareness.
  • To build a strong and active community within social networks.
  • To position to brand to be among the top search results for the “aioli” and “mayonnaise” keywords.


Develop the image of a digital brand and build a strong community through the creation of a global ecosystem. Implemented branding actions include:

  • Webpage design and corporate blogging.
  • Generation of blog content for each of the buyer personas
  • Implementation of short download circuits to increase database subscriptions.
  • Creation of a publication plan that focuses on strengthening brand image and increases traffic to the website and blog.
  • Creation of a partnership network with specialized influences in the kitchen in order to reaffirm the brand image.
  • Production of corporate and product videos as well as video recipes.


  • 158 keywords positioned in the top 20 search engine results, 38 of which are Aioli.
  • 550% increase in the number of social networks followers.
  • 99% increase in social network engagement.
  • 9064% database growth.


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