Are your social networks whistling in the wind, not capitalising on inbound sales? Do you feel like you are talking to an empty audience? If the answer is yes, you are using the wrong Social Media Marketing strategy.

Stop losing business opportunities and start using the correct social channels to reach your target audience and create inbound sales. Create a network of contacts and reach your brand’s subscribers.

Social Media Marketing

Your content needs qualified visitors. For this reason you have to dedicate the same time to create it as to promote it. Quality content that has no visibility is a lost opportunity!

Increase your digital ecosystem’s traffic and attract new inbound sales and customers.

At Increnta we know how to treat new interested users in your product or service. We analyze the Buyer and research where on the web he invests time.You have to trust, generate conversation and offer interesting content for your community, by way of a proper Social Media Marketing strategy.

Creating relationships is the turning key.

At Increnta we worry about finding your ideal clients and publishing engaging content on blogs, social networks, forums and feed readers.

You have to be where they are.


Nowadays, internet presence is mandatory.

The consumer is hyper-connected and demanding, and he uses the social networks to exchange information during the purchase process.

It is fundamental for you to always know what people say about your brand and to protect your online reputation and improve your inbound sales.

When users have doubts or complaints they constantly turn to social networks, and you have to prepared to solve them.

At Increnta, we use an ORM strategy though which we are able to monitor users’ opinions regarding your company and to act before a crisis or negative comment.

At Increnta we ensure that your users will have a positive perception of your brand, and that their positive reviews will act as a loudspeaker that generates client loyalty, captures new audiences, and differentiates your business value from that of your competitors.


Our methodology, the technology we use and the results we achieve have helped us to keep growing every year. Our job with thousands of potential brands in the market endorses us. Our value is our multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals with a common aim: satisfy our clients and make them grow.


Transform your leads engagement model At Increnta, Inbound Marketing is more than a concept. It is a whole working philosophy that changes completely the way in which companies do marketing. Inbound coordinates different marketing techniques on the basis of a working methodology which revolves around four concepts: engage, convert, close and delight.


Multiply your online business’incomes All of the actions you are planning with your online business will directly condition the turnover results you may obtain. Choosing a good e-commerce marketing strategy and measuring the exact impact of these actions is the key to success.


Strengthen your corporate identity Your brand is your window to the world and projects a vision of your business to your potential customers and to your installed base. At Increnta we help you improve and maximize the potential of your corporate identity with the aim of reaching the brand positioning that you desire.


And turn your brand into the reference for the sector