This is how Igenomix reduced in their COCA by over 80% with Inbound Marketing

Pregnant women all around the world are using the Internet to solve their (many!) daily concerns. Is it a boy or a girl? Am I gaining too much weight? And most importantly, is my baby healthy?


For Igenomix, a pioneer company  in reproductive genetics based in Valencia, this was a great opportunity. Their Non Invasive Prenatal Test allows future moms to find out if their baby is growing healthy. Both pregnant couples and gynaecologists can order it online.

The challenge is how to make this solution reach the maximum number of people.

The solution was Inbound Marketing. Increnta and Igenomix started working together back in April 2015 and since then we have achieved a decrease in 80,2% in the cost of acquisition. This is how we did it!


Our challenge: relevant traffic for relevant acquisition

Our first challenge was to attract our Buyer Personas and gain qualified traffic by addressing  the topics they are really interested in.

At the same time, we had the objective of converting visitors into contacts and then nurturing them into clients using inbound marketing strategies.

During this process, we needed to provide users with enough information for them to understand the product; but also to glean enough relevant data from them to make sure the sales process was effective.


How did we exceed our expectations?

Understanding everything about the NACE Test’s Buyer Persona in Spain and their Buyer’s Journey was the first step.  The NACE Test Buyer Personas were different to the ones of other Igenomix products, and had really specific challenges related to the identification of chromosomal diseases. This is why this product needed a specific marketing strategy in order to accomplish our marketing objectives.

1. Creation of a specific digital ecosystem for the NACE Test

During the first months of the campaign, we created an entire digital ecosystem for this product, which included a microsite, a blog and social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, which we identified as the most relevant channels to interact with future parents and gynaecologists.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-31 a las 19.28.13

Test NACE microsite

This ecosystem has been continuously optimized since it went live in order to respond to some of the main concerns users have both about pregnancy, parenthood and about the product. Interactive content, such as videos and surveys were included to improve the User Experience.

Motion graphics video created by Increnta focused on some of the main doubts users have about NACE Test.


2. Workflow activation

Infographics or eBooks were offered as valuable content that users could download. They included really practical content based on their interests: a calendar of tests to be followed during pregnancy; advice on nutrition and exercise; or a list of things to buy through the first few months of a pregnancy.

In exchange, we asked for valuable information that would help us to personalize our future interactions and to identify possible NACE Test customers. This information included, for example, what week of the pregnancy the user was in, a property that would automatically change in time giving them the right information at precisely the right time.

We also created more interactive workflows using assets like surveys: users would answer a series of questions and would get a personalized answer. This gave us lots of information about our contacts!

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3. Personal communication

Not only using smart content, but also using the users’most relevant information. For example, we created emails to inform pregnant women of the changes to the baby, to their body and to provide them with a calendar of the upcoming medical tests. This information was sent weekly and was personalized depending on what week the user was in.

Of course, this included Calls to Action to guide users into product information request.


4. Gynaecologist acquisition workflows

Even though they are not the final customer, gynaecologists are relevant influencers who can make an impact on future parents. We created specific and specialized content for them, including studies or customer satisfaction surveys and specific email workflows.

igenomix nace test case study


The results

For the visibility objective, results were soon visible. More than two years after the campaign started, the numbers themselves show how creating a specific ecosystem would prove to be a great success.

  • The microsite, excluding the blog, has an average of +3k monthly sessions, with a peak record of +9k monthly sessions.
  • The blog has an average of +25k monthly sessions. In 2017 so far, the average monthly sessions have maintained +69k and they keep on increasing!
  • The brand’s community on social media is now at +11k

In terms of contact acquisition and nurturing, these are some of the most outstanding results:

  • More than 4k downloads of digital assets have been registered since the start of the campaign.
  • Since the beginning of the campaign in April 2015, +1.9k users have requested a NACE Test online and have been registered as Sales Qualified Leads. During the second year of inbound, average monthly SQL increased to over 100.
  • From those, over 1k Sales Qualified Leads were organic thanks to the implementation and publication of SEO content, which meant low acquisition costs for Igenomix.
  • Regarding specialists, +700 gynaecologists have been acquired. They are fundamental as influencers and will make a direct impact on the bottom line of this product.
  • Personalized messages in nurturing sequences have had a really positive response from users, with email open rates of +60%.

What impact do these results have on Ingenomix as a company? The most outstanding number is the decrease in the cost of acquisition by 80,2 %, transforming the digital channel into a highly profitable channel.

This is just the beginning… Let’s automate sales!

We have accomplished our goals and set new challenges for the marketing strategy, including the internationalization of this strategy that, at the moment, has only been done in Spain.

But, what impact are these results having on the sales team? It’s time to close the loop!

Increnta and Igenomix are continuing to work hard and making great progress on the setup of Inbound Sales. So far, the entire sales process has been digitalized and moved to HubSpot, which allows the sales team to access all of the relevant data gained by the marketing team, all from a single platform, like, for example, the sales forecast and monthly quotas. Communication with future customers is now carried out using the personalized template functionality.

This Inbound Sales methodology is not only being exported to other countries, but also to other Igenomix products! Both Increnta and Igenomix are looking forward to analysing the impact that HubSpot can have both on marketing and sales.


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