This how Increnta Shook It Up at Inbound 2016

Another year comes around and we don’t want to miss the big event for marketers across the world. From 8 – 11 Novemeber we were in Boston for INBOUND 2016, the event organized by HubSpot made to surprise and delight marketing professionals.

It’s impossible to come home without new ideas.

This is the fourth time the Increnta team has attended INBOUND, and something we should make clear: Inbound Marketing is not for passengers.

The event has broken records for assistance and we noticed the great atmosphere around the place during the four days we were there. at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Without doubt, we were there with a lot of hope of gleaning information on new innovations to grow as an agency and to surprise our current clients; this is what we learned.


The sun is rising on video for conversion

I’m not exaggerating by saying “video” was the most used word at INBOUND 2016. We have been watching the rise of video over two years on all channels, and observing the analytics on a steady increase. So why have marketers not been reacting?

The personalisation and the integration of lead-gen elements, with interactive tools such as Wistia or HapYak, both of whcih which were heard a lot of talk, has made us open our eyes to a the opportunities that can be offered by these platforms.

Throughout our visit we had the pleasure of visiting the Wistia offices. This tool will be integrated with HubSpot in 2017, and with us being Platinum HubSpot Partners:

We’re going to make a strong pivot towards the video trend.


Intelligent Sales for marketing intelligence

Visibility and lead-gen is always the main focus in HubSpot’s discourse. Up unitl this year, that is. The integration of sales and marketing departments is immintent: This is the moment to start using the intelligence of Marketing Automation to transform opportunities into clients.

How do you transfer the philosophy of Inbound to your sales department?

There really isn’t any better way to get this across than in the words of Jason Jordan, author fo the sales Bible Cracking the Sales Management Code.

I’ve stopped showing people how to sell. What’s important to me is showing people how to buy.

In short, the customer-centric philosophy is coming tot he sales team, and HubSpot will support with their new CRM functionality.

New content opportunities

Is content like energy? E = mc 2 shows that energy can be transformed but will never disappear. This is what we brought home from Boston. That content is the fuse that holds together all of the Inbound motherboard, but we have to be on our toes to adapt to what users demand.

It ‘s interesting to us to see the emphasis on the Semantic Web, where content is no longer archived by keyword but by theme. So no surprises that HubSpot are talking about their new functionalities that will help our devs with the new markup.

In Social Media, LinkedIn was receiving a lot of care and attention this year. Opportunities to attract new employees, to devine new business opportunities, to converse with communities…How many more things will come to us to squeeze out of the markteers favourite network?

Nice time, nice people

Away from the hubbub surrounding the event and the innovations put forward, INBOUND 2016 is a place that leaves us with happy thoughts. It’s more than a bunch of keynotes: It’s an opportunity to meet people as passionate as us about marketing in an environment that mixes work and fun.


Having mentioned keynotes; as well as the high level speakers such as Alex Baldwin (one of only a few who took on the Sticky Electoral Subject) and Serena Williams, we were impressed by Alexia Vernon’s talk on The missing ingredinet in women’s leadership development, about female leadership in the world of marketing.

Not all Inbound

Boston has become a yearly retreat for Increnta. With our new projects worldwide, this was the perfect occasion for all of our directors to get together and share views.


In Boston we made the most of the opportunity to visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and its endless tunnels of innovation; also make it over to see the Wistia installations and meet their team; and also eat one the best desserts in history at The Cheesecake Factory.

But above all, our meeting with Ken Morse at the Harvard Club, where between us we defined the future of Increnta for 2017 to 2020 with a lot of ambition, future, and desire to innovate.


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