The next trends in Google organic ranking

The algorithm for Google search has always been a mystery. The multinational Mountain View has been improving and updating itself in the last few years with a main objective: offering users the best information possible. Updates like Panda, Penguin, Colibri make clear that the animal kingdom is large and that we always have to be aware of possible changes. Do you want to know the next tendencies in Googles organic ranking? Overtaking the mysteries that Google offers is possible.

SEO is one of the areas with major changes and updates every year. It demands a constant evolution since techniques that a few months ago were positive may soon become obsolete. If we also take in consideration that in certain countries like the US the use of mobile has now overtake computers, not being aware of the latest trends in Google organic ranking is a risk that no company should take. Are you ready to discover the keys to the future?

tendencias posicionamiento google

Trends in Google’s organic ranking

  1. Mobile, mobile and mobile. The use of mobile is a priority for Google. After the Mobilgeddon, Google has been penalizing web pages which show repeated errors in their mobile versions. The lack on integration between a business and its mobile content could lead to a major disaster in Google ranking.
  2. Social Networks: the real myth that shares, likes, retweets, etc… improve your ranking in Google for quite a while now its vox populi inside the digital strategy world. It’s a reality that in 2016, after that fail of Google’s Authorship or Google’s very own social network Google +, which has not been able to compete with the main social channels in the market, Mountain View will praise social networks as a main factor to escalate positions in Google organic position.
  3. The power of brand mentions: a commonly used strategy at SEO to date was linkbuilding. Linkding will indeed keep being important. The mention of a brand can be capable of seducing users, generating a need of searching something. From now on, brands will help us to improve organic position in Google.
  4. The threat of a negative SEO: either if it’s a malicious attach, such as someone hacking a web page, modifying the robot.txt folder and blocking the access to Google, a negative linkbuilding, based on the construction of low quality links or a spam attach, a company’s biggest fear when trying to strengthen Google ranking is receiving a negative SEO attach. Negative SEO will keep being a problem in the next few years, especially for big business surrounded by a fierce competition. Do you want to know how to fight a negative SEO attack?
  5. Mega-segmentation and micro-focalization: according to a study by Hubspot, guided adverts are considered twice more efficient than no directed ones, what opens the possibility of brands to bet for segmentation and focalization to increase the interest of users in adverts. This will have a positive repercussion on Google’s organic ranking.
  6. Lifetime Marketing: generating valuable content optimising this way the SEO levels to capture traffic is obsolete. Organic ranking in Google must take a step forward in the search of humanizing its strategies with the objective of creating a bond with other referents in our sector to propel our brand this way. Creating strong and lasting relationships will improve our brand image allowing us to propel our digital actions.
  7. Content that the audience really demands: Forget about focusing your strategy on keyword ranking; think about focusing your strategy in creating relationships with other professionals, this will make your brand grow to unsuspected limits. Give your content strategy a value and offer your readers what they are really looking for. To do so you must consciously segment the objective audience you want to address, so you can have the necessary data to make the correct decisions. A bad design in a target objective can be fatal to our online marketing strategy.
  8. CTR and visits will be the perfect combo to climb positions: the CTR is one of the main factors to climb positions within Google, but if we can also optimise the factor, we will manage to bring a constant traffic managing to get a good position in a short period of time. The reason for this is that Google considers that this criteria comes from the behaviour and interest from a user for this content.

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