ROI and client loyalty: an Inbound Marketing Strategy

What happens with my client’s clients? That is a recurring question between leaders and influencers of online marketing agencies, in particular between all of us who are up to date with the latest Inbound Marketing strategies. If besides attracting clients you are worried about their loyalty, this post is for you.

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in Madrid’s Legal Management Forum. The event brought together half a million lawyers and I could witness the worries in between them for ‘attracting clients’.

I can’t do but congratulate the presentations of @lidiazommer and @evabrch. They exposed on the round table moderated by Vicente Sanchez, chief executive officer from Wolters Kluwers Spain and Portugal and proved a reality which is that attraction of clients with isolated action without taking in consideration your buyers journey has many possibilities of failing.

fidelizacion de clientes y roi

 ‘You eat what you kill’… Are you worried about ROI and client loyalty?

Another one of the speakers made me think about different aspects of this matter. Alejandro Touriño, part of Ecija, used the sentence ‘You eat what you kill’. The hypothesis served him to talk about the attraction of clients within the legal profession and the need of having aligned online and offline strategies.

This brings me to talk to you about Inbound Marketing strategies and marketing trends for 2016. I believe that next year will be marked by techniques to achieve client loyalty associated to a global line of automation marketing.

The KM0 of those companies which show ‘naked funnels’ should not be given, as in my opinion, they are not real. Companies with marketing budgets of over 200.000 euros per year must capitalise their previous efforts. Divide bad inherited habits form good ones to be able to grow. If you are capable of keep making past actions profitable then you are growing.

“I have nothing”, “nothing is done”, “we trust what you do”, and “you are the experts”… I am sure that if you are the director of a marketing company with a certain history you have said these things, or at least thought of them when you are preparing the briefing of an Inbound Marketing strategy.

Two pieces of advice when thinking about client loyalty within Inbound Marketing

1) Wake your BBDD up

“60% of companies’ don’t know how to ‘speak’ with their clients”. This statistic was given to me by a colleague and in my experience the percentage could even be higher. Even in prestigious companies the communication with current and former clients is restricted to debates about the use of certain tools or assets.

Marketing online tendencies for 2016 will increase this communication – satisfaction surveys, digital opinion polls, module budgets for new products. Think of ways in which you can bring at least 10% of your actual clients into new products.

2) ‘An upside down funnel’…projects the future

You are probably being followed by the following sentence coming from someone within your Company: “For 2016 we need to get hold of this quantity of money and 20% of it must be placed on your marketing investments”. You have a challenge, an objective… I know. You can’t be thinking of the finish line when you have not even put your running shoes on – I confess I’m not a runner and I’m not aspiring to be one either.

fidelizacion y roi

2016’s online marketing tendencies will establish real projections going from the actual state of the active digital clients of the company. Think of what to do and try to project which will be the results of each stage of your Inbound Marketing plan.

Above all, project a conversation funnel without just thinking of attracting clients. You must place on the ‘TOFU’ stage those clients which potentially could be better costumers. Don’t only think on the anonymous visits and Google. Chew on that client who is anonymous because you have not created a communication link with them.

I hope this post has given you ideas for your master plan for 2016. The most important thing is to keep moving. If you only think about attracting you will lose the great challenge which is gaining the loyalty of a client. You will be able to prove that the ROI of your marketing proposal is not stuck. Do not conform yourself with the success of your past techniques and bring new efforts towards the future: “you eat what you kill”. Start the meal by subscribing to our blog at Increnta.


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