How to succeed on ecommerce

Many companies started off with online shops that lacked of a well-defined strategy or of a future perspective. Others have soon realized that updating is crucial in order to drive profitability. What side are you on? A successful ecommerce is really demanding: you must be up to date on the latest online marketing trends and always have an eye on your customers and their online habits.

Ecommerce is at its peak. Its continuous growth is settled on rates above an annual 20 % in Spain, and it’s due to this that businesses have started to focus themselves on the online channel.

Tips to succeed on ecommerce

The ecommerce business is changing buyers’ habits. As customers become more demanding, they also become less loyal to brands. Therefore, building an online business implies much more than just having a web page that will allow you to start selling. These are some tips that will parachute your ecommerce to success.

  1. Build your own multichannel strategy: This is one key tip. A good multichannel selling strategy will not only bring out the best of each channel, but will also promote loyalty among customers.
  2. Your ecommerce is just as important as the rest of your selling channels: Make sure to design a simple yet effective shopping experience, always transparent with pricing.
  3. Use social media to promote loyalty: bring out exclusive discounts for your Facebook Page community and share special prices with your Twitter followers.
  4. Add value to your brand: The new Internet user will demand specialized contents, not only information about your products and services.


Ecommerce timing: when are you selling the most?

No matter if you are at a stage of reconsidering or if you have decided to take the great step of focusing on your online store, you must be familiar with the hours in which online shopping tends to occur.

  • According to Blueknow’s report, the moment chosen by most internet users for their online shopping is Mondays between 4pm and 5pm. Expenses reach 70€.
  • Don’t underestimate dawns! Internet users shopping between 2am and 5am may not be a majority, but their average expense reaches 100€.
  • If you have an online shop, you will be reporting high activity peaks between 10am and 11am and between 16pm and 18pm. If you need to do any update on your website, avoid these hours if you don’t want a negative effect on sales.
  • When you are online, there are no sharp drops towards the end of the month: you will notice no significant difference between the first and the second half of the month.

How to lower abandonment rates?

When you launch an ecommerce, your main aim is selling as much as possible. However, most of what you are learning in this eBook will be useless if your site has a high abandonment rate and customers don’t conclude their shopping process.

  • Free shipping or discounts: It’s complicated, from the business point of view, to support shipping costs, but it has been proved that most of online shoppers will abandon their shopping process for the high shipping extra costs.
  • Few clicks and a striking CTA: For every new click the customer needs to make, abandonment rates increase. Orange is the most used colour for shopping CTA, as it has the power to attract the customers’ attention.
  • Let the customer choose how to pay: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer… Let the customer choose what payment method he prefers.
  • Remind the user of their unfinished shopping: Let them know through emailing campaigns that they have an unfinished purchase that they may want to finish.
  • Let discounts stand out: Make an exclusive section on your website with the most important sales and discounts currently going on on your ecommerce.
  • Pay attention to your product pages: Images and description of each product can make a difference once the customer has reached that step in their shopping journey.

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