Content is still king

On the web, content is still king, at least it is for those who choose to use it. Are you one? Or has the power of content eluded being captured by you, your team and the very audience you are seeking to connect with, we are not sure how you drive traffic to your site without it. In fact, can you even have a site without content?

What Content Is Not

Many people seem to think that content is something created from words alone, but it isn’t. Content certainly can be built around words, and should be. But if we stop there in the definition of content we miss so very much, for content is…

  • Images, meme’s and infographics oh me
  • Videos, slide shows and live streaming on my
  • Yes, even podcasts define that word quite well

But why do I suddenly have visions of tin men, lions and yellow brick roads?

Entering Marketing Land of OZ

Just as Dorothy would say, there’s no place like home; for a Professional Marketer that home is their blog and/or website. You’d better hope there is no place on the web that is quite like yours. With its unique selling position and superior informational details that are easy to access because of the perfect navigation system you have setup. If you don’t stand head and shoulders above the crowd in every way, you’ll be drowned in a sea of others who will while you spend your time looking at their…oh never mind.

Internal Brass Tacks Exposed

So, what do you need to do to tap into all the power? The first step is to make sure that you offer solid gold content in every form that was talked about above. However, there must be a certain technique to it all. Notice how this article quickly moves from one paragraph to the next? There is a huge reason why;

People love to scan on the web.

This is a place where:

  • Bullets
  • Numbers
  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Bolding
  • Italics

And other such items shine. When people use bolding the right way I find myself reading the bold print and gaining the gist of the content. If I really like what has been said I’ll then read the entire article. Without providing a clear way for your audience to scan through your article, they won’t, instead, they will get lost in the first paragraph or two and then depart after looking at your cool pictures if any have been supplied.

Picture Perfect Marketing

A critical component of digital marketing strategies is found in the power of pictures. Unfortunately, the clear majority of people will never see the light of day in this. I learned my own lesson this last Thanksgiving in conversation with a peer. That’s where he brought up the words “accessible images” and how Google will down grade a site for not having them.

HOT TIP: Ticking off Google is not a good marketing strategy for organic search engine rankings.

Turns out, Google wants to appeal to all people. Given that blind people are people there is no way around it. You must take time to make sure you have a title, alt tag, description and caption for your images. Devices that blind people use read all that and then communicate the details to the viewer. But that doesn’t happen if the images don’t contain details.

Digging Deeper with Captions

I’d like to take a moment to talk about captions, those are the words that appear underneath images. Yes, the one’s that most people put 2 or 3 words into. Did you know that many people start with an article by reading those captions beneath which often stand out in bold? If they like what they read there then they take the time to dig into your site further. But not if there are no caption details. Not only will you be hurting your rankability on Google and other search engines, but you will also appeal less to the heart of your reader.

Digital Marketing Boundaries Exposed

Up till now we have been looking at digital media and its power on your own property. Guess what, it doesn’t stop there. If it did, where would…

  • Portals like Pinterest and Instagram be?
  • Twitter’s live streaming Periscope exist?
  • Istock or Pixabay image services live?

Perhaps the answer is easier than the question. They wouldn’t.

But these properties are all the rage today. That’s why people use such technology to reach their niche graphically. Or they can do it by audio means with podcasting sites like iTunes and video sites like Vimeo and YouTube. While each of these properties contain a base that you can build internally. You can also have backlinks built in which will lead people back to your own properties. These are very powerful marketing strategies, especially when your creatives start showing up in Google’s search results.

Web 2.0 Frenzy

Other ways that you can build high quality results based on images and text would include but not be limited to.

  • Adding a video or image to tweets on Twitter.
  • Updating your status with an optimized image on Facebook.
  • Unleashing your talents within video technology from YouTube.

Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to content marketing strategies that you can unleash for your sites growth, the only limitation is your imagination. What’s more, if what you want to bring to the web doesn’t exist yet, what’s stopping you. I remember the days before Facebook was what it is today, wouldn’t it be nice to be them?

Closing Thoughts About Inbound Digital Marketing Strategies

As should be clear there are tons of ways to use digital marketing strategies on the web today. So far, what has worked for you? What have you yet to venture into? It’s your web that you are connecting. What are your goals, plans and dreams?

Leave your ideas, thoughts and views in the comments below and let’s create a picture-perfect web of talent.

This article was brought to you today by Guy Siverson. All-round content and marketing thought-leader.


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